Improve Your Health With Breathing Techniques

The act of breathing occurs between twelve and twenty times per minute, and about 17,000 to 30,000 times per day. It is something most of us do without even thinking about, but your breathing can have a huge impact on your health. By practicing breathing exercises, you can improve your state of mind and health. […]

How to Master Your Mind With Yoga of Immortals

The Yoga of Immortals is an emerging new and affordable approach to mental health. This ancient research-based system of robust protocols was developed by the Himalayan monk Ishan Shivanand. Neuroscientists and top-notch CEOs and performers are already practicing the techniques. Its goal is to provide practical, affordable mental healthcare, allowing anyone to master their mind. […]

Self-Improvement – How to Improve Yourself

We can improve our lives by addressing our weaknesses and developing new skills. Self-improvement is not only about learning new things; it also involves interacting with others to learn new things. You can ask for help from friends and family, or even approach a mentor for advice. However, you should never hold back the desire […]


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